Born on 21st  November 1948 in Belgrade

Scientific Titles and Professorship

1998: Scientific Fellow Counsellor (Advisor)

at the Institute of Balcanology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

2001: University Professor

qualified for tenure as such by the National Council of the University of France (Conseil National des Universités)


Primary and High school education in Belgrade, Sombor and Paris

Graduated from the Eighth Secondary School of Belgrade

1981: graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, (Arts) University of Belgrade

degree thesis: “Marseille Assassination of 1934 in the French Press “.

1985: defended the Master’s degree thesis in Byzantine History and Civilisation before the  University of Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne,

title: “Une Vita  médio-serbe inédite de Stefan Nemanja – saint Siméon, par le moine Nikon”

(An unpublished medieval Serbian Vita of Stefan Nemanja-Saint Simeon, by the monk Nikon).

1990: defended the Ph.D. equivalent thesis at the Byzantine History and Civilization Department before the University of Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne,

title: “Stefan Nemanja -Saint Siméon et l’idéologie de l’Etat dans les hagio-biographies dynastiques du Moyen-Age serbe” (Stefan Nemanja-Saint Simeon and the ideology of the State in the mediaeval Serbian hagio-biographies).

1994: defended acquired – by way of public defence of several of my sciantific papers and my sciantific project entitled “La monarchie dans les pays sud-slaves du IXe au XVe siècle” (The Monarchy in the lands of thr southeren Slavs from the IXth to the XVth century) the Habilitation à diriger les recherches (the highest French scientific research and University title qualifyng the holder to direct theses) at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (University of Social Sciences), in Paris.

1998 Scientific Associate of the

Professional Activities:

1986-1998: Research Associate; Scientific Associate; Senior Scientific Associate;

1998: Scientific adviser Counsellor

Institute of Balcanology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

2000: Associate Professor (Professeur Associé) at the University of Social Sciences (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) in Paris.

2001 Full-time Professor (Professeur des Universités,)

2007    Visiting Professor (European Center of Peace and Development, Beograd)



1996:               Scientific Associate

Centre of Byzantine, Southeast European and Neo-Hellenic Studies (Centre d’Etudes Byzantines, Sud-Est européennes et Néo-helléniques), at the E.H.E.S.S.

1997/ & 1998/9  Visiting Professor (Chargé de Conférences) at the University of Social Sciences (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) in Paris.


Divers lectures and seminaries

Scientific Fields:

South Slav Countries in the Middle Ages

Rulers’ Ideology in the Mediaeval Serbia

Turkey-Dubrovnik relationships in XVth-XVIth centuries in the  firmans of the Ottoman sultans in the Old Serbian language

The Serbian Orthodox Church in the Middle Ages and in the Period of Turkish Domination

Heterodox Ideology in South Slav Countries

Moldavian-Vlachs documents in the Archives of Hilandar

Kosovo and Metohija in  XIth – XVIIth  centuries

Epic Poetry and Heroic Ethics in the History of South Slavs

Historiography of Southeast Europe

Scientific-publications on Yugoslav History

Editorship of Journals, Anthologies and Other Books, Membership in Editorial Boards, Scientific and Cultural Institutions

Editor of the Chapter: ” Byzantine philosophy in the Serbian space (XIIth-XXth s) ” in the project of search entitled : ” Byzantine Theology and its tradition “, steered by: Carmelo Giuseppe Conticello (CNRS – Paris) and Vassa Conticello (EPHES – Paris), Brepols Publishers.

Participant in the Scientific-Research Project: Centre of Byzantine, Balkans and Neo-Hellenic Studies, managed by Paolo Odorico (Directeur d’Etudes in the EHESS, Paris); topics: D: ” Study of Raguse’s Serbian and Ottoman documents ” , ” Study of the Slavic documents in the archives of convents “; and N ° 4.2: ” The folk songs of the suburb of the Hellenic world and the Balkans ”

Scientific Editor of  Journals: Etudes balkaniques. Cahiers Pierre Belon. Searches interdisciplinary on worlds Hellenic and Balkanic (Director A.   Guillou, published ” De Bocard “), chief editor of the volume titled: ” Reception of the Byzantine patrimony and autochtonous identities in the Balkans “, Paris 1997

Since 1997,  a member of European society of culture (Société européenne de culture) (Venice)

Editor in “Balcanica” (Beograd), “Balkan” Bordeaux (1991-92), “Tamo daleko” (Olten – Suisse), “Sveéanik” (Beograd).

1987-1990 Editor of the edition “Retrospektive” published by  “Filip Viènjiç”, Beograd.

Editor for Southeast Europe: Repertorium Foutium Historiae Medii Aevi, Roma.

Secretary of the National Committee of the International Association for Southeast European Studies A.I.E.S.E.E (Association Internationale d’Etudes du Sud-Est Européen)